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Where to invest? EO.Trade



What is EO.TRADE?

EO.TRADE is building a fully rounded ecosystem for investors where traditional online traders can make an easy leap into block-chain and investors can utilize all their finances on the same platforms. The EO ecosystem will be a one-stop-shop hosting four projects.

With EO.TRADE you invest in:

1 – EO.Trade
EO.TRADE motto is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a Exchange which will not fail investors. EO.Trade is built to withstand the existing and future currency market. Its engine will be powerful as it will be elastic to expand according to demand.


2 – EO.Finance
EO.Finance will be an investor’s all inclusive wallet for all financial transactions. Exchanging currency and crypto and vice versa can be made through an easy app revolutionizing our concept of currency and crypto transactions and eliminating complicated processes. The wallet can be used to buy, store and exchange.


3 –
Token based accounts will be added to the ExpertOption platform. The accounts can be opened using the EO coin and will allow a pure crypto-trading experience on currency pairs, commodities, stocks and other cryptos with higher profit percentages on assets.

4 – EO.News
The EO ecosystem will be polished by a news portal designed to support investors with timely market news, technical analysis, financial updates and a plethora of tools which will enhance their market knowledge. The portal will be available online for viewer from across the globe.

The secret to creating a highly capable platform which performs seamlessly under pressure is not a secret at all; it all boils down to preparation and scalability. The technical power behind the website, apps and platforms will be like an elastic band, firm and strong yet always ready to expand based on demand.

EO Trade will be better, faster and stronger. This will set it apart from even the biggest currency and crypto exchange on the market right now.

Why can they do it better? Because they have done it before! Most currency and crypto exchanges emerged from ICOs who dived deep into a highly demanding market. They built ExpertOption years ago and eased into the market with a superb team which has only advanced in knowledge and capabilities since then. They are used to handling millions of requests on a daily basis, predicting problems before they happen and managing a highly complex and technical platform without any complications. Their technical, support and back-office departments have never let any of their 8 million traders down, and they won’t let any of the EO Trade investors down either.


The interface of the platform will trump competitors because we will offer a user-friendly experience with advanced graph options, easier access to functionalities and apps which will be compatible with all platforms: Web, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, Windows, MacOS desktop apps and more.


When EO TRADE say faster they mean fast replies from customer support, approval of documents, withdrawals, placing orders, the fastest KYC process on the market and more. Everything has to be ultra-fast in the trading world and EO TRADE will ensure it is. Every potential hurdle which could cause technical or other delays has been addressed and a procedure has been placed to ensure otherwise. For example, HR will have a budget, and an archive of already interviewed and interested individuals to join support and back-office in case demand is overwhelming and the teams need to grow to keep offering optimum results.


Stronger may sound like a big claim, but like EO TRADE CTO Ivan Dashkevich says, blockchain is capable of anything, it’s the people who create software on it that make the errors. EO TRADE has observed other successful crypto exchanges and studied why they have encountered problems with their software. The structure of the development is already in place and it takes into account every technical aspect of a website including performance, scalability, reliability, latency, back-end support and potential cost. Details on all the technical aspects are clarified in the EO Whitepaper.

What you can anticipate from EO TRADE is a reliable crypto exchange submerged in the EO crypto-fiat ecosystem. Investors will no longer have to settle for less-than-perfect. Blockchain is the future and it deserves an equally futuristic platform.

How to start invest?

1 – You need register an account.
2 – You need invest money with any currency.
3 – After investment you receive EO to your wallet!

>>> Join the EO ecosystem where tomorrow is today. <<<



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